Buying Sausage Casings Online!

Chantelle van der Merwe

In a world where convenience reigns supreme, Oversea Casing online shopping experience for premium sausage casings takes the hassle out of restocking. Imagine a process so easy, it's like having the perfect ingredient delivered straight to your business before you even realize you're running low.

Video Guide:

To enhance your shopping experience, our accompanying video guides you through the simple steps of purchasing our sausage casings on our online store. See for yourself how effortless it is to select, order, and receive your sausage casings.


With our commitment to making your online shopping journey seamless, you can focus on what matters – creating delicious sausages with the finest casings. 

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Subscribe and Save on Your Next Sausage Casing Order!

Chantelle van der Merwe

In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency is key. That's precisely why we've introduced our hassle-free automated subscription system, revolutionizing the way you handle your orders. Say goodbye to shipping fees, relish a 10% discount, and bid farewell to the stress associated with sausage casing reorders.

Here's a closer look at why subscribing to our automated sausage casing order system is the game-changer you've been eagerly anticipating:

Easy Management 

Creating an account with us unlocks a world of convenience. Easily oversee your online subscription, giving you control at your fingertips.

Order Tracking

Stay in the loop with email notifications containing tracking information for your orders. Know exactly where your sausage casings are and when they'll arrive.

Flexible Subscription Updates

Business changes, and so can your subscription. Adjust the frequency of your deliveries – whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly – to align with your operational needs.

Customizable Items

    Tailor your subscription to perfection by adjusting quantities, adding new products, or removing items. Our system adapts to your ever-evolving requirements.

    Easy Information Editing

    Your details matter, and editing them is a breeze. Easily update your shipping address, payment information, and contact details, ensuring precise deliveries every time.

    Pause & Cancel

    Life unfolds unexpectedly, and we understand. Pause or cancel your subscription any time after two orders. We believe in providing you with the flexibility you need.

    Discover the hassle-free solution to ensure a steady supply of sausage casings. Sign up for automated deliveries, relish exclusive discounts, and have your casings conveniently delivered to your operations according to your schedule. With the perfect blend of flexibility, savings, and peace of mind, ordering casings has never been this easy. Subscribe today and start saving time and money on your sausage casing orders with Oversea Casing!

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    Oversea Casing Seasonal Sale!

    Chantelle van der Merwe
    Oversea Casing is thrilled to announce the launch of our online seasonal sale. Browse through unbeatable deals and exclusive sausage casing offers tailored just for you.

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    Natural Casing Retail Packs

    Chantelle van der Merwe
    Get ready to elevate your product line and meet the demands of your customers with Oversea Casing hog and sheep casings retail bags.

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    All About Collagen Casing

    Russell Moore

    There are many different types of sausage casing on the market. Originally, all sausages used natural casing, but in recent decades, we’ve seen many new types of casings.

    One of them is collagen casing; great for breakfast sausages, frankfurters, link sausages and more. In this post, we explore collagen casing more deeply, describing what it is, what it is good for and when you might use it.

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    Ready, Set, Ship!

    Russell Moore

    Oversea Casing is excited to share with you the official launch of our new e-commerce site. You can now buy our premium sausage casings directly from the manufacturer at your convenience.

    Our goal at Oversea Casing is to provide customers with premium sausage casings that elevate their final products.

    Over the last year, we have strived to create a platform that gives you access to our high-quality casings while also giving you real-time visibility to every step of the order process. We wanted to make this a simple experience, so that our customers can go online, place a casing order, and know that it will be received quickly. Our new platform saves time for your business by offering you consistent product options, 24x7, with fast deliveries. You will be able to manage your orders and subscriptions without having to worry about getting ahold of someone during business hours.

    Through the use of innovative new packaging and years of industry experience, our team has focused on sourcing top-quality casings, and delivering a superior user experience that we are happy to share with you today.

    We are grateful for our partner customers who offered us insights, beta tested, and continue to support us.

    This is just the beginning of our journey, and we have lots of exciting ideas for the future. We are always happy to hear from you, and if you would like to reach out to us, please feel free to contact us directly at


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