Many people are hesitant to use their credit cards online.  It's a completely reasonable concern.  However, it is actually completely safe to use your credit card on this website, and many others!


Our website takes security very seriously and is built using leading security technologies.  Our website is PCI Compliant, meaning we not only meet all the requirements around credit card security, but the website also undergo an intense annual security audit by a 3rd party security firm, to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep credit card data safe.



Another important thing to remember when you are shopping online, is that you are not responsible for ANY fraudulent charges made to your credit card.  So in the extremely unlikely event that your credit card information is compromised while shopping online, you have zero financial liability whatsoever.  



There are actually many benefits of using your credit card to make purchases online!  

  1. No financial liability in case of fraud or theft!
  2. Earn points or miles with your credit card
  3. Increase your credit score and credit worthiness
  4. Many credit cards offer additional protections like extended warrantees, price matching, and much more
  5. Business spending can be automatically imported to your book keeping system and automatically categorized, saving you time and trouble
  6. Grace period, where you don't have to pay for your purchase for days or months, allowing you to earn interest, and have access to that capital if needed in the meantime


If you have any concerns or questions please let us know!