36000 per case ($15.00 per Bag)
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Our glossy, transparent sheep casings are premium quality and an excellent option for breakfast links, snack sticks, pork sausage, Lap Cheong, and dried beef sausage. They are produced to Oversea Casing’s demanding set of standards to ensure your satisfaction.

Sheep casings are salted. 

Sheep Casing Retail Bags are sold 24 bags per box.

Each bag will make approximately 25lbs 

Box Dimensions: 10 in x 10 in x 5 in

Ingredients: sheep casing, salt, water

Use and Care

To Prepare the Casings: Soaking is an important step in preparing natural casings for stuffing. Soaking in fresh water overnight will make casings tender, flexible, while minimizing breakage and holes. First, remove casings from the packaging and rinse in cool water to remove the salt. Next, fill the soaking bins with fresh water and casings, use a 50:50 ratio of casings to water. 30 minutes prior to stuffing, soak the casings in fresh warm water. 95 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended soaking temperature.

Storage: Product should be stored in a dry and cool warehouse at approximately 40-45°F. Casings must never be frozen. The shelf life is a minimum of twelve months from the date of purchase when properly salted or stored in salt brine.

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