Food Safety

Food safety includes science-based, safe methods of handling, preparing and storing food products to reduce or eliminate risk of food-borne illness.  Because there are many food safety hazards that can cause product contamination, we insist on the multiple stringent processes and procedures that we’ve put in place to greatly reduce risks, and provide the safest casings to our customers.

Food Safety is a priority for us, and in 2014, Oversea Casing became the first US sausage casing company to attain SQF Certification. SQF is a rigorous HACCP based certification program recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and our commitment to annual audits and recertifications show how seriously we take food safety.

Our commitment goes far beyond certifications and promises to our customers, in fact, we are dedicated to supplying only superior products that comply with customer, local, state, federal, and international regulations. Oversea Casing meets or exceeds all applicable USDA, FDA, CFIA, and SADER regulations and has developed and implemented HACCP based food safety, and quality plans at all of our licensed facilities.

Health and Safety are prominent in our core values and we want you to know our QA and QC Teams are always hard at work in order to produce the finest and safest sausage casings for you and your customers.

We are devoted to the continuous improvement and effectiveness of our food safety and quality plan in alignment with the SQF Code. Prerequisite programs and preventive controls build the foundation of our critical programs, including Sanitation, Food Defense, Pest Control, GMP’s, Recall and Traceability.